Monday, August 25, 2014

Creating The Heart

Since learning how to make linocuts, I have begun developing a new body of work of prints and sculptures. It is about the interior space of the body, its function and fragility. These images stem from some medical issues I went through last year that made me think hard about the functioning of the body and its inevitable deterioration.

This work is experimental for me in many ways. I am carving and printing monotypes using multiple plates/colors to create many layers. I am using bold colors in a break from my usual palette. The mark-making is very satisfying; the physical act of carving an image is very different from painting. In the sculptures, I am building up and carving down into objects that are at once amorphous and defined.

I am representing something from inside that I know is there but cannot see, which in itself is a break from how I learned to make art.. through observation. I have been asking myself many questions.. how do we measure what we cannot see? How do we fight or accept the frailty of the body? How do we translate trauma?

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