Monday, July 27, 2015

CAC residency - new work

I have been working now for about a week at the CAC. The residency is in a beautiful church built in the 1880s which has been restored and converted into an artist workspace and exhibition space. The detail is truly amazing in these buildings, not to mention all the windows are stained glass.

I have been able to focus on developing new pieces; mostly printmaking (linocuts), sculpture, and watercolors. I am experimenting with layering different media and building on my current work focused on the internal body. Here's an example of one of the linocuts. 

detail of the block in progress

Branch Study - 6 x 12" on Japanese Mulberry paper


I decided to mix a very pale blue for the print because I want to play with subtle tones. The CAC doesn't have a press so I've been learning how to print by hand using a baren (a flat disc with a handle on top). It's labor intensive but allows me to have an even more direct connection with the production of my prints, which I love. 

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