Sunday, May 19, 2013

Relief printing

I took a fantastic class yesterday on relief printing taught by Justin Sanz at the Blackburn printshop in NYC. Relief prints are made by using sharp tools to cut into the surface of a block, generally wood or linoleum. When the surface of the block is inked and printed, the cuts print white/blank. The result is a graphic, striking image.

I'm definitely going to continue experimenting with relief printing. The physicality of carving and cutting feels very sculptural, in a reductive way of course. I feel a similar thread to my monotypes since I frequently work in a reductive method where I reveal an image from a dark field of ink.

Check out my first attempt at linocut..

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tribeca Ball and Open Studios

I recently did lithography printmaking demonstrations at two events hosted by my alma mater, the New York Academy of Art: Tribeca Ball and Open Studios. Tribeca Ball is an annual fundraiser to fund the school's scholarships and programs. Open Studios is a chance for anyone interested in the school to check out the fantastic work being created by students and alumni.

The Academy's printmaking facility enables students to work in Intaglio, Lithography, Relief, and Monotype printmaking. I fell in love with printmaking, particularly Lithography and Monotype, when I was studying there.

At the events last week, I met many patrons and artists. I demonstrated the process of printing a lithograph from the rolling up the plate, to working the press, and registering and pulling a print.

 Rolling up the plate with ink

 Preparing to print

Lowering the pressure bar

A successful print on the press 

I had quite a crowd at Open Studios

The reveal!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tiny art at Single Fare 3

Single Fare 3 opened to a crowd last night at RH Gallery in Tribeca showcasing works of art made on/with/of used Metrocards.. Here's some great press:

My Metrocard paintings are on display along with nearly 2500 other witty and well-crafted works of sculpture, painting, drawing and printmaking. All of the work is available for purchase at